Director's Biography

Our Executive Director, Adam Zax, is personally an expert in many mental, physical and performing arts. He brings that expertise to the Well Rounded Heroes Foundation as a way to share his lifelong passions with the heroes that protect all of our freedoms.

Mr. Zax is currently the president of several small privately held companies in the field of nanotechnology. He is an inventor and holds patents worldwide.

Mr. Zax has trained in martial arts for over 35 years and is 5th Degree Black Belt Master Shaolin Kempo Karate. Mr. Zax has run his school San Juan Capistrano, Zax Studios since 2006 where he has taught the mental, physical and performing arts of martial arts, magic and music.

Mr. Zax decided to close down his school and open the Well Rounded Heroes Academy of Martial Arts, the Well Rounded Heroes Academy of Magic, and the Well Rounded Heroes Academy of Music and Recording; all non-profit school divisions of the foundation offered to our soldiers and their families at little or no cost to them.

Mr. Zax has practiced, performed and taught magic since he was 10 years old; focusing on close–up and parlor magic, but teaches everything from Blackstone to Criss Angel to David Copperfield's most grand illusions.

Mr. Zax has played the drums and other percussion instruments since he was 8 years old when he was given a set of drums by a family friend, Larry Hovis (who coincidentally played Carter on the show Hogan's Heroes for years).

Mr. Zax has been married to his wife, Ana, since 1991 and has two daughters, Veronica and Zoe.